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Prairie View Elementary School is a caring, community center on the southeast side of the city of Goshen . We serve over 400 students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Our two overarching values are: treat people right and do the right thing in every situation. We believe in the importance of these life values for both staff and students and practice them every day.

Prairie View Elementary strives to be a school with a positive, student-centered culture where students are confident and prepared for their next challenge in life. To realize this vision, we make high levels of learning for all of our students the central goal of our teaching.

At Prairie View, our daily mission is to keep our students’ options in life alive and their dreams intact. We see every school day as an opportunity to instill confidence and inspire learning in each of our students. A school full of children with hope for their future and a love of learning will be our sign of success.

T.E.A.M. 20 Increasing Physical Activity

Prairie View Elementary School is 25/25 in AYP

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