Prairie View Elementary strives to foster a community that is positive and student-centered.
Through integrated units, inquiry, and collaboration.  So that students reflect and take action, and know how to learn and solve problems.
As they grow in their appreciation for differences here and around the world, Prairie View students are prepared to be compassionate, global citizens.

Prairie View Elementary School

1730 Regent St.,
Goshen, IN 46526


Sonya Imus – Principal
Christina Pena – TOSA
Marge Gingerich – Counselor
Michelle Wells – Registrar
Kimberly McCreary – Bookkeeper
Celeste Ruano – Parent Liaison
Sarah Roth – Nurse


Parents, students, and educators follow a common set of guidelines to make the school year run smoothly. Elementary schools in the Goshen Community Schools district share a standard school handbook. Policy items and contents range from student progress and conferences to the lost and found. The handbook also covers procedural information such as dropping off and picking up students.

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Facts & Figures

For ISTEP and district-wide statistics, visit the Indiana Department of Education website.

School Improvement Plan

Every school, as part of the federal No Child Left Behind Act and Indiana’s Public Law 221, must have a school improvement plan. Each school has an improvement team comprised of staff, parents, and community members. These teams developed their initial building plan in 2001-02 and revise the plan as needed each year.

In order to bring consistency to the district’s elementary schools, a math committee aligns the curriculum with the Goshen Community School Corporation’s “Essential Learnings” and the state standards. The committee determined that every classroom will be using the Math Trailblazers curriculum. Our professional development will focus on the new math curriculum.

Prairie View Elementary- PL221 Continuous Improvement Plan

Student Life

The Prairie View staff strives to identify and address the needs of all students, encourages family and community involvement, creates a positive learning environment, and continues to grow and develop professionally.

Prairie View students experience a range of activities – social and academic – and participate in a variety of programs. These are designed by the Prairie View staff to enhance student learning, improve parental communication, and encourage family and community involvement.


Prairie View Song

“Prairie View – A Good Place to Grow”

Welcome to school. We’re glad that you’re here.
We’re looking ahead to a fabulous year.
The more time you spend here, the more you will know,
Prairie View’s a good place to grow.


Prairie View: A good place to grow.
Prairie View: Good people to know.
There’s no other place that I’d rather go.
Prairie View’s a good place to grow.
Prairie View’s a good place to grow.

Do the right thing. Treat people right.
Those are the values that we all live by.
If we follow this guide then we will see,
Prairie View’s a good place to be.


Teachers who care, students who try –
This is the way to keep our dreams alive.
We all work together. We’re one big team.
Prairie View’s a good place to dream!


Listen to the song being sung by Prairie View’s principal.