Community Member Recognized at Board Meeting

Prairie View school counselor Marge Gingerich nominated Kris Polega, a community member, who was recognized by the board. Mrs. Gingerich stated that Ms. Polega is an instructor at the Peacemaker Academy, and that she has taught Taekwondo classes at Prairie View for the STRIVE students for the past two years. Mrs. Gingerich explained that the STRIVE class is for students with emotional issues, and that Ms. Polega teaches them much more than Taekwondo. While teaching the students martial arts, Ms. Polega also teaches problem-solving skills, anger management, and respect for self and others. Mrs. Gingerich stated that the program was originally started because Prairie View had a grant from a local church, but added that when the grant money ran out, Kris just kept coming… Prairie View is very grateful for what she has done for our students.