Assessment Policy


At Prairie View, we believe the purpose of assessment is to gather and analyze evidence of student learning.  We believe that students should be active partners in their growth and progress as a learner. We believe students should read, discuss, write and create to understand and learn. We believe there are many ways to assess students and it is important to use a variety of assessments in order to know the whole student.

Purpose: (What and why do we assess?)
  • Make and monitor instructional decisions for our school, grade levels, classrooms, and individual students.
  • Communicate progress with students and families.
  • Determine our learners’ levels of understanding and the next steps
  • Guide daily instruction


Principles: (What are the characteristics of effective assessment?)
  • Key to planning, teaching, and learning
  • Pre-assessment to find students current knowledge and experience
  • The balance between formative and summative assessment
  • Ongoing feedback for future learning and reflection
  • Reflection on progress toward goals


Assessment Practice: (How do we assess?)


District/State Assessments Frequency Students Assessed
iLearn (reading, writing, math, science and social studies) Once per year 3rd-5th
iRead Once per year 3rd
NWEA (reading, math and language usage) Twice per year K-5th
Interim Assessments (reading and math) Five times per year K-5th
WIDA Once per year K-5th EL students 
IAM Once per year Life Skills Students
ISTAR KR Once per year Preschool